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Without a question, part of the unparalleled success of DK Overseas both nationally and internationally can be traced to our quarries and factory investment. Our factory partners have invested in the most efficient and accurate equipment in the world (all Italian). This has enabled us to widen the gap from our nearest competitor in quality, consistency and special order flexibility.




Granite Slab Production

Our slab factories meticulously take care of block unloading, polishing, cleaning and stacking of polished slabs.
There are two types of slabs gang saw slabs and vertical slabs. Here the process is different from that of the tile unit. Here too the blocks are dressed with wire saws before they go on to a trolley for processing at the gang saws. Though we spend a little extra money on this procedure this ensures the optimum utilization of the cutting style in the gang saws and gives us an average recovery of about 30 to 31 sq meters for every cubic meter of each block.


Granite Tiles Production

The factories from which we bring you the stone, all have state of the art facilities and machines that are the best of their kind anywhere in the world. Once the trailers carrying the stone arrive at the factory, the huge blocks are lifted and dressed. Then the blocks go to the 32-blade Pedrini block cutter the finest machine for processing tiles where vertical and horizontal cuts are made literally slicing the blocks into slabs of the required thickness. These are now sent for calibration. This machine grinds away at the surface of the stone to make the thickness even.


Slab Packing

We offer two choices: packing in wooden crates or A frame packing whichever our customers prefer.



Tile Packing

Packing is no cursory affair either tiles and slabs are packed in Styrofoam boxes covered with polythene and then packed into wooden crates. Indeed every care is taken to insure that your order reaches you trouble-free and scratch-free.




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